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Parents Scramble After Private CV School Says it Will Close
Camelot School in Castro Valley will cease operations Friday.

By Amy Sylvestri
Castro Valley’s private Camelot School announced its abrupt closure late last week, giving parents just days to find alternative care for their kids and leaving the teaching staff without jobs.

The school, at 2330 Pomar Vista Ave., has been operating for more than 37 years, providing care and classes for children as young as 8 weeks old through kindergarten. More than 130 students are currently enrolled.

It will shut its doors after classes end this Friday. Parents were notified last Friday by an email from Camelot owner Georgina Armstrong who said the school is closing because the San Lorenzo School District, which owns the property, has not renewed the lease with Camelot.

The school district voted to begin the process of selling the property several months ago. Parents are angry that Armstrong didn’t notify them sooner and say the school even went so far as to ask parents for their fall 2015 enrollment.

“The district confirmed that the owner was aware of the lease ending,” said Ashley Mercier who explained that she and her fellow parents have been “scrambling” to find day care and classes for their kids. “If we’d known earlier, there wouldn’t be this panic. It’s horrible.”

Armstrong’s email said the school had looked into relocating or negotiating with the San Lorenzo School District, but that she ultimately decided to shut it down for the good of the children and staff.

Teachers at Camelot were also not informed about the closure until last Friday afternoon, a point which Mercier says has infuriated the parent group.



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