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San Leandro Times

Airport Landings Back on Track
Friday, 26 September 2014 08:30
Airliners are now back to their regular landing pattern, approaching the Oakland Airport over the bay. Last weekend, due to work on the runway and low clouds, the big airliners landed at the North Field runway where the small planes usually land.

By Jim Knowles
San Leandro Times

Big airliners flew over town last weekend due to work on the main runway at the Oakland Airport.

The airliners were temporarily rerouted to a different runway, but it’s back to normal now, said airport officials.

The runway used by big jetliners, Runway 30, was undergoing some work to expand the aprons, the ends of the runway, said Oakland Airport spokesman Brian Kidd.

The expansion is required by the FAA to increase safety and all airports around the country are doing it.

The instrument landing system had to be turned off while the work was done.

Clear weather was expected so the planes could land visually, without the instrument landing system. But because it was overcast this past weekend, planes couldn’t land visually, so they had to be diverted to another runway, Kidd said.

That meant the big airliners used the runway at the North Field, the small airport closer to Doolittle Drive normally used by the little airplanes. Although the North Field does have long enough runways to handle the big airliners, too.

When airplanes land at the North Field, the approach to the runway takes the planes over a portion of San Leandro.

The airport planned the work for September because it’s usually clear weather, and they wanted keep Runway 30 open during the work.

“Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate,” Kidd said.

But the work is done now, and the airliners have resumed their regular approach to Runway 30.

“I would want to know what’s going on, too, if I suddenly saw big planes going over my house,” Kidd said. “But the main thing is that it was just temporary.”



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